I went to Raju to seek advice on my diet and temperament. He was very knowledgeable yet broke things down into easy to follow advice and recommended some basic changes and steps to follow. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in holistic healing and health.
Vanessa Macey

Very informative consultation. Dr Raju explains everything so well. I will be returning for a massage and giving the Yoga a try too.
Aileen Barr

Had severe back and spine pain for more than a month, and have been spending lots of money with doctors and physio everyday until I met DR RAJU. He is very understanding and immediately got to the root of the problem. Had immediate relief. Strongly recommend as for me he is the best in the field.
Inraj Ramphul

Raju correctly assessed my condition by reading my pulse and has helped my situation with his generous advice and herbs. Highly recommend.
Michelle Bannon

Thanks so much Raju for an informative consultation, for the great advice, the herbs and the amazing massage yesterday.

In the 10 years i've been going to you for support with my complex autoimmune issues, i still
never cease to be amazed at your insight and knowledge, diagnosing with precision and recommending the optimal natural path to healing.
Nora Lynch

Great feeling after Raju has worked with me, back for more regularly. He's keeping my 70 year body in the best shape possible
Mara de lacy

I would highly recommend Dr. Raju at Om Health & Wellness. He is a very knowledgeable practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine and was able to explain it's principles to me and help me to understand my own ongoing health issues. His dietary recommendations as well as herbal formulas are already benefiting me significantly. Overall a very pleasant and helpful experience!
Sarah Hurley

Dr. Raju explains very clearly the Ayurvedic principals and the way your body works. His knowledge and guidance are helping me a lot.
Highly recommended.
Helena Peralta

Very knowledgeable, willing to spend time talking about whatever it is you're eager to learn. he could tell me more about myself in the first 10 minutes than my local GP would be able, who's known me over 15 years. Highly recommend & will be returning.
Caoimhe O'Sullivan

I have only been going for a few weeks but within that time I have already noticed how much this is helping me, I would highly recommend a visit. Dr Raju is so knowledgeable and in the right way - all round attention to health, It is amazingly helpful! Michelle 🙂
Michelle Roe

Fixed my sciatica, and gave great advice. Knows his stuff. Highly recommended.
Aileen O'Meara

Finally getting my health on track with natural Ayurvedic medicine and massage. Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Would definitely recommend. I initially started going to deal with my under active thyroid but now its become part of my lifestyle change and I feel great.
Tamar Chambers

Thank you Raju for your knowledgeable and supportive care over many years. Highly recommended for holistic therapy and taking time and thought with treatments.
Caoilfhionn NicPháidín

Thank you Dr Raju, once again, for a wonderful healing and rejuvenating experience! My weekly massage from you makes me feel so balanced, energised and positive. It's definitely keeping me young, too!
Richard Burton

Dr Raju has helped me several times in my life. His knowledge about the human body and conditions that affect it is vast. He is incredibly insightful and shares what he knows in a very understandable and interesting way. I have learnt so much about the human body and how we all work from talking with Dr Raju. His manner is kind and respectful - listening to what you know about your own health. He is a true healer and helps his patients become empowered in their own health. I highly recommend.
Terry Battles

Dr. Raju has great expertise in the field of mind body matter. I was looking for a practice to enhance the stability of my mind and body in a way that I could incorporate into everday practice. Straight from the first session Dr. Raju grasped my structure based on ayurveda and recognized the techniques that would help me develop my yogic spiritual & health journey.
Very thankful for having met this powerful healer.
Anna Bourgin

Dr.Raju treat my ailments through natural way with Indian ayurvedic medicine,ayurvedic therapies,yoga and health education,first session is only for €50.
Ana Bućan

Best therapy ever
Cathy McCrone


Diana Moran

Aditya Prabha

Gaelle Sauron

Simone Feresin