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SOQI Home Spa: Health for the Entire Family

The SOQI concept is dynamic and ideal for your whole family. This program has been designed for people of all ages. Our concept of multi-energy works with energy of motion, thermal and electricity.


MOTION ENERGY- CHI MACHINE: Oxygenates the body’s cells to distribute energy evenly to all areas in the body. The Chi Machine is the result of over 38 years of research and development by Japanese Doctor Shizo Inoue. He discovered that the “S” type movements delivered an efficient form of oxygenation to the body. He developed the Chi Machine referred to as Motion Energy. 15 minutes on the Chi Machine is equivalent to about 10,000 walking steps in terms of oxygenating the human body!

THERMAL ENERGY- HOT HOUSE: This expands the body’s cells by improving circulation and the ability to eliminate toxins. This design consisting of a 160 degree half dome like machine. The most up to date research and technology of photon platinum produced what we now refer to as the “rays of life” or Far Infrared (FIR). This device is portable and can be used in a variety of positions and environments.

ELECTRIC ENERGY-E-POWER: Activates cells and optimizes metabolism. This machine is designed to help balance out the body’s positive to negative ion potential ratio. A healthy cell must have a balanced negative electrical charge inside and a balanced positive charge outside the cell to function at optimal levels. The E-Power charges the body with negative electric potential ions. Negative ions are what are needed for the body to expel impurities and excess toxins within each cell, this also helps the cells recover their pH and cleanses the blood.

ERE: The Advanced ERE- Activated the autonomic nervous system. The ANS is a regulatory system in the body that helps adapt to changes in their environment. The ERE helps to relax tense muscles, rapidly offering relief to sore feet using penetrating massage. The ERE stimulates the nerve points in the feet and improves blood circulation.

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First visit 75min/€75

Detailed Consultation and Therapy

Follow up tailored Treatment 45 min/€60.





Packages: Buy 5 sessions get one free.

Walk in yoga session €20 and buy 10session €120.

One to one(Personal) yoga therapy session one hour €50.


Family yoga session one hour 2-4 members €70.

Yoga and Ayurveda work shop 60mins/€ 30.

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